MLTIC Research

    MLTIC Research is a Free Access to Law project launched on 1 July 2014.

    This work-in-progress initiative aims to build a comprehensive database of all Malaysian legal and tax materials to facilitate free legal and tax research in the country.


    MLTIC updates its users of all latest Malaysian legal and tax developments.

    The contents are primarily classified under six categories: (1) Legal/Tax News, (2) Legislation, (3) Judgments & Rulings, (4) Notices & Directives, (5) Treaties & Agreements, and (6) Reports & Articles.

    News: includes the full text of news items related to law and tax, sourced from news agencies including Bernama and leading newspapers, professional bodies, industry newsletters, regulatory bodies and government departments.

    Legislation: includes selected Federal Acts and Amendment Acts, Federal Bills, Federal PU(A)s and PU(B)s. This section makes available, where possible, selected State enactments and Syariah enactments.

    Judgments & Rulings: contains selected judgments and rulings from the Federal Court, Court of Appeal, High Court of Malaya, High Court of Sabah and Sarawak and several tribunals including Industrial Court, Special Commissioners of Income Tax and Customs Appeal Tribunal. This section provides the full text of the judgments with key legal principles highlighted, catch phrases for easy identification of issues, and commentaries on landmark judgments.

    Notices & Directives: contains selected guidelines, regulations, directives, circulars, notices, etc issued by regulatory bodies, statutory bodies and government departments. This section provides full text of each item, press releases accompanying the items, and summaries/ commentaries on landmark regulatory developments.

    Treaties & Agreements: contains information on treaties and agreements such as Free Trade Agreements that involve Malaysia.

    Reports & Articles: includes reports and articles on law and tax, sourced from leading publishers, publications (newsletters, etc) of legal and tax firms, newspapers and other publications, journals, and directly from authors.